Arsenal isn't a Big Club Anymore

Dolly Grolightly
3 ratings

This one is for the football lovers.

Arsenal is not a big club anymore is a sports satire that throws shade on Arsenal's many recent and historical blunders. It is funny, witty, and frankly, an excellent way for a father-child duo to bond over their love of football.

Why should you buy this book?

Firstly, it was written by my husband, a Manchester United fan who should not be throwing stones considering the fact that his team currently sits in a glass house. It would be nice to hear your comebacks and counter-shades :)

Secondly, it's an excellent night time read with beautiful illustrations that even our 2 daughters really enjoy listening to at bedtime.

Finally, if you've been wanting to introduce your little boys and girls to European Football, or trying to share some cold football history with you buddies, here's your chance to let them know that ARSENAL IS NOT A BIG CLUB ANYMORE!

I want this!

A fun illustrated children's book for current and aspiring football fans.

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15 pages


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